Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT)

Each year we provide HIV testing and antenatal care to more than 20,000 pregnant women at four sites. The 15% who are found to be pregnant receive a single tablet, nevirapine, to decrease transmission to their infants. All HIV positive women are staged as to the severity of their illness and referred to the government treatment program. Post natally infants have a blood test to diagnose HIV and are also referred to the government clinic.


Two Unique New Programs to Increase Participation of Women in PMTCT

Approximately fifty percent of women deliver at home using traditional birth attendants (TBAs). We are going to incorporate these TBAs in the process by meeting quarterly for training, funding to provide the essential programing is critical, and providing them birthing kits and nevirapine syrup for the infants. We are also going to increase participation of men by organizing support groups for them and providing couples counseling. HIV OUTPATIENT TREATMENT - UNC Project volunteers make up 50% of the government HIV treatment clinicians at the Lighthouse Clinic in Lilongwe where approximately 5000 patients receive treatment.




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