The University of North Carolina established
UNC Project in Lilongwe, Malawi, the capitol,
in 1992 to provide training and care
as well as conduct research.

The major care projects include:

Prevention of Mother to Child
Transmission of HIV (PMTCT)

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This project needs— mosquito nets to prevent malaria. Breastmilk replacement foods so mothers can wean early.

Two Unique New Programs to Increase Participation of Women in PMTCT
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This project needs— general clinical care items including thermometers, scales, personal protection equipment (gloves, aprons), and antibiotics.

Adult Inpatient Treatment
UNC Project is very excited to be financing the training of two Malawian internists in South Africa who will return and revitalize adult inpatient treatment in Lilongwe.

This project needs— renovation of the adult ward, financial support for the nurses and physicians, support for chemotherapeutic medications

Training Programs
UNC Project recently finished construction of a dormitory complex for US and Malawian physicians and students. We also have an excellent auditorium, clinical training facilities and high speed internet access to medical libraries.

This project needs— scholarship money to pay for training of clinical officers and nurses.



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The Malawi Medical Relief Fund
Medical Foundation of North Carolina
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