• Blood pressure cuffs

• Oxygen concentrators

• Renovation of the adult ward of a hospital
    Currently some patients, in an attempt to control TB,
    have to sleep in an area outside of the clinic. A TB
    isolation area and admitting room need to be built.

• Clean water systems for the residents

• Mosquito nets for pregnant women and new borns

• Provision of weaning food for 6-12 month old babies

• Funding for the many ongoing lab tests

• Salary support for returning Malawi MDs

Experience the satisfaction of providing critically needed items to people who have had the misfortune of being born in a disease and famine ravaged area. Know the gratification such a gift can bring. It speaks to a caring and generous spirit. mosquito net

Malawi Medical Relief Fund
The Medical Foundation of North Carolina

Director of Fundraising
Sharon Mandell
[email protected]

Malawi needs to keep its own doctors who are often attracted by higher salaries to other countries. If a basic living wage can be paid then more will stay and help educate and spread hope to their people. It is an important tool in making the Malawi people stronger and self-sufficient

We have a severe need for solar powered irrigation pumps for farming. If you are a company that manufactures such equipment, please consider a donation.




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The Malawi Medical Relief Fund
Medical Foundation of North Carolina
880 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

[email protected]