Dubbed the "Warm Heart of Africa" for the friendliness of its people, Malawi is a peaceful country. But a country that needs our help in the form of medical supplies and support for the doctors who work relentlessly to stem the HIV/AIDS epidemic and provide much needed care to the Malawi people. Please help Malawi—100% of your donation will be directed to staff to buy badly needed supplies, add a wing to a clinic, pay meager salaries...and it is tax-deductible, 501-C.


Malawi is a land of great spirit but struggles with a scarcity of farm land. Many households are headed by women. They often live in abject poverty not having enough money to buy desperately needed medicine for their sick children. The clinics where the doctors work (and have built in some cases) are life savers but need so much more to adequately service the public. The doctors are seeing some slow progress—a child being born without HIV to an HIV mother, getting help out to the most rural areas, people willing to be tested and understanding the importance of taking their medicine, working on saving and protecting the many orphans. Your contribution buys so much more than you may think—and will be directed entirely to Malawi. There is no administrative overhead.

Malawi Medical Relief Fund
The Medical Foundation of North Carolina

Director of Fundraising
Sharon Mandell

[email protected]



There's no greater satisfaction than helping to save lives...
your contribution will go a
LONG way.

Thank you.


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The Malawi Medical Relief Fund
Medical Foundation of North Carolina
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