Another important way you can help is by donating toward the purchase of chickens, pigs and other small farm animals that the villagers need in order to sustain themselves. We will provide livestock to farmers with a viable plan for raising and breeding them.

And we plan to fund a number of small business proposals (i.e. a mushroom farm, chicken ranch or embroidery co-op) that appear feasible.


Hunger and disease kill thousands of people every year—particularly children—so having the means to support themselves gives the gentle people of Malawi a way to beat the odds. These simple business ventures are critical to people getting on their feet. Keeping some chicks or pigs for themselves and selling others to neighbors propagates a system that potentially provides a way to survive.


Malawi Medical Relief Fund
The Medical Foundation of North Carolina

Director of Fundraising
Sharon Mandell
[email protected]


Please help the less fortunate. Your dollars will instantly help buy medicine, pay health workers or provide a way for a family to put meals on the table.


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The Malawi Medical Relief Fund
Medical Foundation of North Carolina
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